1.1. By using the Services which are offered via this website (namely, Main Contractor), you are bound by the Terms and Conditions of the following Agreement. Should you not agree to being bound by this Agreement, then you are not permitted to access or use our Services.


2.1. "Account Credit" refers to a fund balance that has been granted to a Trade Account, and that a Contractor can apply towards the payment of Shortlist Fees. 2.2. "Account Owner" refers to the registered business entity or person which has financial obligations for a Trade Account; the capability to nominate the Trade Account Contact, and the responsibility for using the Trade Account. 2.3. "Content" refers to materials you post on the Website. These include: text, messages, postings, files, photographs, video, images, and sounds. 2.4. The "Company", "Main Contractor" ("we", "us", "our" or "ours"), refers to Main Contractor Limited, which is Registered in England, Registration No. XXXXX at the Registered address of: XXXXX. 2.5. "Customer" refers to anyone who publishes or submits a Project on the Main Contractor Website, which is designed for Main Contractor to look at Projects, and verify and confirm them, before they are passed on to specific Contractors who we regard as the most qualified, and most experience to undertake the work. 2.6. "Expressing interest" refers to contacting, messaging or quoting a Client who has been listed through our Service. 2.7. "Project/Job" refers to a Project or Job which has been presented through our Service by a Client. 2.8."Lead" refers to a Project or Job which we give Contractors the chance to Express an Interest in. 2.9. "Quote Tool" refers to Main Contractor's unique software which has been developed by Main Contractor in order for it to be utilised by Contractors who are registered on the Website, thus allowing them to offer quotes to Clients. 2.10. "Service" refers to any service which is offered by Main Contractor to you. This incorporates, but is not restricted to: industry information, information about projects, the supplying of contact details, and information about other products, including discounts for using our services. Our Services may be offered via phone, our Main Contractor Website, or by via other electronic means. 2.11. "Service Agreement" refers to any agreement that is attained between a Contractor and a Client in relation to the services to be carried out. A Service Agreement can be attained via a written contract, statement, email, SMS, verbal exchange, or telephone call. 2.12."Shortlist"refers to an event whereby a Client opts to share their contact details with Main Contractor or a Contractor via the Website, and the Client receives a Contractor's telephone number. 2.13. "Shortlist Fee" refers to the agreed amount which is owed by a Contractor to Main Contractor at the time that contact details are exchanged once the Contractor is Shortlisted for a Project. 2.14. "Trade Account" refers to an online profile which is linked to a Contractor who is registered on the Main Contractor website. 2.15. "Trade Account Contact" refers to the individual who is named on the Trade Account, and who has daily use of the Trade Account. This incorporates various activities including: communicating with Clients, and Expressing Interest in projects. 2.16. "Contractor" or "Contractors"refer to any sole trader, partnership or business, which registers on the Website for the purpose of connecting with Clients. 2.17. "You" refers to any person who uses Main Contractor Services. These include, but are not restricted to, Clients and Contractors. 2.18. "Website" refers to the Main Contractor website.


3.1. offers a unique marketplace which is designed to: help Clients find first-class verified Contractors; give Clients discounts on various products; and help top level Contractors gain more work.

Accuracy of Information

4.1. While Main Contractor works hard to make sure that the information it gives is up-to-date, and accurate, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the data on our Website, and Main Contractor is not liable for any losses or issues that may come about from any content errors therein. 4.2. By using Main Contractor Services, you accept that Main Contractor is not liable for: any work that is undertaken by a Contractor who is registered on the Main Contractor website; or any Contractor who is acting as a Contractor or agent. It is the sole obligation of the Client to select a suitable Contractor, and to discuss and put in writing the exact terms for any work that they carry out. Main Contractor will not be held liable or involved in any Service Agreement between the Client and the Contractor. 4.3. All Clients warrant that prior to entering into a Service Agreement with a Contractor, they will conduct due diligence on further details including: the Contractor’s qualifications; the Contractor's guarantees, the Contractor's insurance cover; proof of the professional body they belong to; and suitable references. 4.4. Main Contractor is not a party to any contract or Service Agreement, or any other agreement, which could come up between a Client and a Contractor as a result of their using our Service. To that end, Main Contractor is not liable for any damage or loss that you may sustain from any such agreement. This clause will survive the ending of this Agreement.


5.1. You agree to only use the Main Contractor Website for lawful purposes, and in a manner that does not: impinge the rights of, inhibit or restrict any other user’s positive experience and use of our Website. 5.2. Project descriptions, profiles, messages, feedback, along with any other Content must: 5.2.1. not incorporate any profanities; 5.2.2. not incorporate offensive language, sexist remarks, racial slurs, and 5.2.3. not incorporate links to any other websites, or your contact details. 5.3. You are liable for all the messages and all other types of Content that you post, or otherwise render available through our Service. 5.4. You acknowledge that Main Contractor is not responsible for, and does not control the Content which is made available via the Service. 5.5. Main Contractor will not be responsible for any damage or loss or which is incurred as a result of your using any Content (posted or otherwise), made available through Main Contractor. 5.6. You acknowledge that Main Contractor does not approve or pre-screen all the Content. Nonetheless, Main Contractor reserves the right (however, not the obligation) that at its sole discretion, it can: alter, remove or monitor, any Content on the website, for any reason at all.

Intellectual Property

6.1. Main Contractor is the sole owner of all the intellectual property rights relating to the Main Contractor Website. This includes: the layouts, graphics, photos, videos, database, text and designs. Further, you agree to not copy, or use any part of our Website, without our written permission. 6.2. Should you illegally or inappropriately utilise any of the intellectual property that is legally owned by Main Contractor, we reserve the right to implement appropriate legal action against you. Further, your account may be closed. 6.3. The intellectual property rights on any Content that you upload to Main Contractor, are retained by the owner of the copyright. You add the aforementioned to our website at your own risk. By doing so, you grant Main Contractor a non-exclusive, global, fully paid up, transferable, irrevocable license to copy, use, store, modify, render available, and communicate the information for any reason. 6.4. In order to dispel any doubt, paragraphs 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3 and the obligations and rights herein, will survive if this Agreement is terminated.

Dealing With Individuals & Organisations

7.1. Your interactions such as: delivery and payment of services or goods and/or any other terms of agreement with individuals and/or organisations that are found via this Website, are exclusively between you and these organisations. 7.2. You acknowledge that Main Contractor will not be liable or responsible for any kind of damage or loss that comes about due to any such dealings. Should there be a disagreement between you and another Contractor/Client on this Website, or between you and any third party, you recognise and agree that Main Contractor is not under any obligation to become involved. 7.3. Should you have a disagreement with one or more other Contractor/Client, you hereby release Main Contractor, its employees, officers, successors and agents, from damages, demands and claims (actual and consequential) of every nature or type, unknown or known, unsuspected and suspected, undisclosed and disclosed, in any way linked to, or arising out of our Service or such disputes.

Quote Tool

8.1. All the quotes which are generated with the Quote Tool correspond to an offer from the business or Contractor shown on the quote. The quote will in no way correspond to an offer from Main Contractor, and Main Contractor will not be a party to any agreement or contract that is made between a Contractor and the Client via the use of the Quote Tool. 8.2. Everyone who uses the Quote Tool will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, Main Contractor, and Main Contractor's agents, employees and directors, against all and any liabilities, claims, costs or losses which are incurred due to their using the Quote Tool. 8.3. Main Contractor maintains at all times: all intellectual and proprietary property rights that related to the Quote Tool. 8.4. All quotes that are accepted will be sent to both the Client and Contractor via email. It is the Client's and Contractor's responsibility to safeguard that email which should serve as a record of his/her contractual relationship. You agree that Main Contractor does not have any responsibility for how your internet and email account functions, as functionality can impact the successful delivery of the quotes sent out to you. Main Contractor does not bear any responsibility for any record keeping duties that are held by either the Client or the Contractor; and as such we may remove all contracts and quotes from the system without providing you with any notice. 8.5. For the purpose of removing any doubts, paragraphs 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4 and all obligations and rights therein, will survive the ending of this Agreement.

Shortlist Fees

9.1. If you are a Contractor, then every time you are Shortlisted for a project via our Service, you agree to pay Main Contractor a Shortlist Fee. 9.2. The Shortlist Fee is clearly displayed on our website, and is also clearly shown if we Contact you regarding a project, or you Express an Interest in a project. Every Shortlist Fee is calculated according the likely value and of the project. 9.3. You acknowledge that Main Contractor is not able to impact the outcome of any particular shortlisting, moreover, we does not guarantee that you will be able to secure work or quote for projects that you are Shortlisted for.

Payment Terms

10.1. You agree to your obligation to pay our invoices in accordance with the payment terms of such invoices. Should you have an outstanding invoice which has been due for in excess of 14 days, then your account will be automatically limited. 10.2. You are aware that Main Contractor only accepts payment for online invoices by debit or credit card. When you designate a debit or credit card to be billed, you confirm that you are allowed to conduct such a purchase. At any time, Main Contractor can alter or designate any third party provider to accept your invoice payments. 10.3. You agree for Main Contractor to send you all invoices via email to the email address which is linked to your Trade Account. It is your obligation to make sure that this email address is in working order and secure. 10.4. It is down to you to keep secure copies of all your invoices. Main Contractor does not assume any responsibilities for your record-keeping responsibilities that should be submitted to any third party such as HM Revenue and Customs.


11.1. Refunds are not made very often, however, there may be certain circumstances in which they are. Main Contractor's internal policies (which are subject to periodic change) dictate these circumstances, and all refunds are made at our sole discretion. 11.2. Any refunds offered to Contractors will only be provided in the form of a credit note or Account Credit.

Account Credit

12.1. Main Contractor may offer you Account Credit periodically. This cannot be returned or exchanged for cash. Further, Account Credit may not be transferred to any other Trade Account. 12.2. Every time you are subject to a Shortlist Fee, your account balance will be cut down by the amount of the Shortlist Fee as shown on the Website. Should the Shortlist Fee not be fully paid up by your credited account balance, you will be issued an invoice for the rest of the amount. 12.3. The Account Credit will include an expiry date. Once an expiry date is reached, any remaining Account Credit will expire and be taken away from your account balance.

Failed & Disputed Payments

13.1. If you have any queries relating to a charge on your debit or credit card, then you agree to contact us via our Contact Us page. 13.2. If you use any payment method which does not go through, or is later reclaimed by the card issuer or bank, then you agree to be responsible for any costs that are incurred by us, as well as a £30 + VAT administration fee.

Change of Account Ownership and Trade Account Contact

14.1. There are very few instances in which a Trade Account Contact or an Account Owner can be changed to a different legal entity or person. A Trade Account or Account Owner Contactor cannot ever be altered to an organisation or individual that is not linked with the Account Owner. 14.2. If an Account Owner is a limited company/partnership, and the partnership is terminated, or the limited company is dissolved, you hereby agree to let us know immediately via the Contact Us page. 14.3. All Trade Account and Account Owner Contact changes are made at our exclusive discretion in accordance with our internal policy (which may be altered periodically).


15.1. You hereby acknowledge that Main Contractor can set up limits with regard to the use of our Website. These incorporate, but are not restricted to: the size and maximum number of job postings; the total time period that the content will be retained by the website; email messages or other content which can be stored or transmitted by the Website, and the number of times that you can access the website. 15.2. All Clients recognise that Main Contractor cannot guarantee that a Contractor will Express Interest in their Project. Moreover, if there is a Shortlist, we are not able to guarantee that the Contractor will be free to complete or give a quote for the work. 15.3. You concur that Main Contractor has no liability or responsibility for the removal or failure to store any content transmitted or maintained by the Website. Further, you acknowledge that: at any time, Main Contractor reserves the right to discontinue or modify the Website (or any part if it) with or without notice. Main Contractor will not be liable to you or to any third party with regard to any discontinuance, suspension, or modification of any Services.

Termination of Service

16.1. You agree that at its exclusive discretion, Main Contractor holds the right (but not the obligation) to: block your email address, deactivate your account, or otherwise restrict or bring to an end your use of, or access to our Website. We could do this immediately and without serving you notice. It can be for any reason, including Main Contractor believing that you have not acted consistently with the spirit of this Agreement. 16.2. You agree that Main Contractor will not be liable for any restriction or termination of your access to the Website either to you, or any third-party. 16.3. You agree that once your account has been terminated, you will not to attempt to use our Website.


17.1. Main Contractor reserves the right to update or change this Agreement as and when necessary. As a user of our Website, it is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with any updates to this Agreement. If you do not adhere to this, then your access to our Website could be limited.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

18.1. This Agreement is governed by, and interpreted to confirm with English law. To that end, should any disputes arise in connection with this Agreement, then they will be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the English courts. 18.2. Should any provisions herein be deemed to be unenforceable or illegal, then these provisions will be cut off, and the rest of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect, unless this Agreement's business purpose is considerably thwarted.