We understand that contractors often receive the type of leads which are not interesting: insurance work, low value projects, finishing off after a runner, helping the homeowner who is working onsite, clients who are only at the start of the process and looking for free advice, and so on. We on the other hand, offer complete projects with naturally bigger budgets than the aforementioned.

We have revolutionised the way you get business by creating Maincontractor. We are a cutting-edge platform with a knowledgeable team, which unlike our competitors, do not allow every lead on our platform; or just display your contact details - leaving you to receive countless calls without any control. We not only check each and every project, we do our upmost to offer you the best leads in the final stage of decision making. And as our leads are for substantial projects, this means more turnover and a greater profit for you!


So How Does It Work?

Apply for MainContractor membership for free!Fill out a short questionnaire, and wait for our response. We will contact you for an assessment. If you are a member of any trade organization/s, please make this clear at the start of the interview. Of note: you may be eligible for fast-track assessment, and all your positive reviews can be transferred to your new MainContractor profile.


Create Your Profile

Apply for the types of leads that fit your area of expertise. Generate a custom working area, and get the best project leads in your region.


Pick Quality Project Leads

Choose the top quality leads that you are interested in, and get the homeowner's contact details as soon as you purchase a lead.


Confirm Your Employment

Once you have been hired, affirm your engagement with a homeowner to ensure that he/she will be able to rate your work.